Custom rugs

Handmade custom design rugs

  • 1- Design
  • 2- Size
  • 3- Colors
  • 4- Quality

We create your custom rug in 4 simple steps.

Choose the design from among our collections, choose your size, colors and finish quality. We guide you through the entire process.

All rugs are made by hand, using wool and natural silk, guaranteeing the best quality.

Steps to make your personalized carpet

1 - Choose your Design

In Rica Basagoiti we have created our own carpet collection as a result of an optimization process to select the best designs, colors and finishes. Now you can reproduce them in the size you want.

We have classified our "Rica Basagoiti Collection" based on the following styles:

2 - Choose your size

Choose the size you want for your carpet, and we will adapt the design graphic to them.

From Rica Basagoiti we advise you on the optimal size according to your space and decoration.

3 - Choose your colors

We recommend keeping the same colors of the "Rica Basagoiti Collection" however, you can alter them as you wish. For this, we have our 1,200 colors wool box.

4 - Choose your quality

All our rugs are handmade, knotted by hand, with the highest quality materials and vegetable dyes.

We have a range of finish "qualities" that allow us to work with different budgets.

We advise you throughout the process so you can choose the quality of the carpet according to your needs and the selected design.

Rug Creation Process

There are two ways of ordering, selecting a carpet from the "Rica Basagoiti Collection" (our recommendation) or altering the colors and quality of a carpet, which requires longer production times.

In both cases, we help you throughout the entire procedure.


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